epoh is seen in the Middle East

epoh has been seen in the Middle East specifically Dubai touring with the BBA Gallery. epoh and the exhibition Poetics of Change has received recognition with Harper’s Bazaar Art, the Gulf News and has been mentioned for Art Dubai and got sadwiched between the Louvre Abu Dhabi and Rembrandt, Vermeer the Dutch Golden Age .



Haper’s Bazaar Art

Spring 2019

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Gulf News

Poetics of Change


A big thank you to Adam Stansbie, David Abrantes and Rob Rauchfuss.

Programme Notes
Director & Producer: Vishal Shah
Sound: Adam Stansbie
Animation Assistance: David Abrantes & Rob Rauchfuss
Duration: 4’14’’
Authorship: 2013
Origination: HD 1920 X 1080 Animation
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Websites: vishalshah.co.uk | adamstansbie.com

epoh rises in the city of Mumbai where, beyond the Gateway of India, we see a diamond-studded pink city guarded by two tigers. epoh moves on. Europe flashes past. Continents emerge and disappear. Finally epoh departs.

What is epoh carrying? A mysterious orb fills his basket... He looks to it and takes comfort, then continues on his journey, battling on, into the unknown. Finally, when he can go no further, epoh delivers his message...

In this short animation we are taken on an expedition - an adventure of discovery - into the unknown. Although we witness the trials of epoh, and his quest to deliver his message, we are encouraged to reflect our own journey and ultimately, the universality of hope...

Embassy of Foreign Artists - Geneva

Nice to be informed that my film, sound by Adam Stansbie was screened at the Embassy of Foreign Artists in Geneva.
Organised by Paul Clouvel at Elektramusic evening on the 2nd June.

More info - www.eofa.ch

Plus de 70 ans après les débuts de la musique concrète, les héritiers de Pierre Henry et Pierre Schaeffer continuent leur exploration du musical et du sonore, et se frottent aux autres propositions artistiques, dont l’art vidéo.

Le compositeur Paul Clouvel, actuellement en résidence à l’Embassy of Foreign Artists, propose pour le label Elektramusic Genève de découvrir les oeuvres de plusieurs compositeurs et créateurs vidéo, à travers des propositions qui montrent que l’image et le le son n’adhèrent pas entre eux, mais souvent s’éloignent, prennent une existence propre, pour mieux se retrouver et se nourrir l’un de l’autre. Sons électroniques, musique concrète, voix et images se mèlent, se choquent et se volent parfois la vedette, dans un constant souci d’expérimentation. Avec en particulier des oeuvres de Jérôme Thomas et Hubert Michel (France), Nicolas Bernier et Delphine Measroch (Canada), Adam Stansbie et Vishal Shah (Grande-Bretagne), Frédéric Kahn et Voctor Furiani (France), John Christopher Nelson et Dave Ryan (USA), et Jen-Kuang Chang (Corée).

Pollen at EMU fest 2012 Rome

I think I mentioned this a while ago but it's now for real and happening. Pollen music by Adam Stansbie, Dir by Vishal Shah is being screened at the EMU Fest 2012, Rome, at the Conservatorio Di Musica S. Cecilia, Via dei Greci, Rome, RM, Italy on the 11th October 2012. This programme is curated by Wilfred Jentzsch & Hiomi Shii. So if your out and about in Rome, Italy check it out...

Here's the programme...

ORE 15:30 -17:30   
Wilfried Jentzsch, Hiromi Ishii

ORE 17:30 -18:30   

“Echoing Spaces” (2009) [9'21'']
Denis Miller (Canada)

“Océanes” (2010/2011) [9'15'']
Jean Piché (USA)

“I´ve got a guy running” (2006) [7'12'']
Jonathon Kirk (USA)

“Kyotobells” (1994/2006) [10'48'']
Wilfried Jentzsch (Germania)

“A Tale of Wind” [9'42''] (2010)
Hiromi Ishii (Giappone)

“Pollen” (2008) [4'36'']
Adam Stansbie - musica /Vishal Shah - video (UK /India-UK)

“Mugenkei” (2007) [5'45'']
Wilfried Jentzsch - musica /Jean Detheux - video (Germania /Belgio)

epoh - Animated Short

It's been ages since i've done my own work - It's been way too long guys. I'm working on a animation short it's about 2 minutes in duration and its called 'epoh'. I don't want to give away to much right now but here's a little teaser image of epoh. More details and video coming soon. Hang tight!

Visual Music - A Work in Progress

Here's a glimpse at a wonderful Visual Music and Acoustic Image collaboration between myself Vishal Shah and talented Musician, Eduardo Rodríguez who plays Double Bass.

Production team includes:

Vishal Shah, Director & Producer 
Eduardo Rodríguez, Music Double Bass
Lewin St Cyr, DOP & Lighting
Rob Rauchfuss, 3D & Compositor
Renata Kudlacek, Studio Camera


Ray Domingo
Kanti De Biswas
Anthea Hamilton
Paulina Vassileva
Ksenia Maximova
María Alché
Steve Baker
Conrad Edwards

This list is going to keep growing so watch this space. 
More info to come...

Eduardo Rodríguez

Double Bass