Studio Video Shoot

Saturday 28th May 2011 was the official video shoot, we spent late friday evening rigging, last minute testing and making sure everything was in fine order. We had a good turn out of participants / subjects.
I'm now going post with the footage and begin the whole production process, oh and rumor has it that once the edit is nailed the colour grading will be done at The Mill, London.

Production Team

Director & Art Director - Vishal Shah
DOP & Camera - Lewin St Cyr
Studio Camera - Renata Kudlacek


Ray Domingo
Kanti De Biswas

Anthea Hamilton
Nienke Van Wijk
Paulina Vassileva
Ksenia Maximova
María Alché
Steve Baker
Conrad Edwards

Green Screen Studio Shoot

Last week in a studio in West London we did some experimental HD (1920 x 1080) green screen test videos. We got some really nice time based compositions using mobile phones and mobile hand / gesture interaction footage to play with. This is very inspiring and will definitely lead to more experimentation, tests and work using both blue and green screen. Watch this blog for more info....

Green Screen Shoot
Green Screen

360/60 Video Motor - Moving Image Research & Development

360/60 Video Motor represents the foundations of capturing video both as still image and moving image. Still in the development phase, this system and engineering shows great opportunity for further experimentation and lends itself well to both still image and full scale motion as moving image. I'm interested in people who would like to collaborate to get involved with ideas, a project, experimentation or just to take it for a quick spin.

Video Motor

Video Motor

Motor Tech Spec 

Rotation    1 x 360 = 60min

Height        32.5cm

Width         30cm

Depth         17cm

Weight including motor, 1x rechargeable 12v battery, mount, tripod head -  7.4kg

Additional items & weight

Motor                    7.4kg
Tripod                   2.6kg
SD/HD Camera   3.0 / 4.0kg
Battery Charger   1.0kg

Total                      15kg
Test Shoot

For general enquiries or if you would like to get involved contact me