Gustav Metzger, Facing Extinction - Artist Film Programme

epoh was screened at the Gustav Metzger, Facing Extinction artists film programme between 31st March, and 1st April 2014, and then in the gallery alongside the Metzger exhibition daily from Wednesday until the end of the exhibition on Saturday 5 April 2014. The film programme was curated by Amanda Couch, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art - Sculpture and Film at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, GB.

Part 1: Monday 31 March, 4pm, W02&  Part 2: Tuesday 1 April, 2.30pm, G14
Parts 1 & 2 Wednesday 2 April - Saturday 5 April, 2.15pm, James Hockey Gallery, UCA Farnham

Part 1

London Fieldworks

End of the Road (2012) 11 minutes, 27 seconds

Claire Barwell

Grand Union (2010) 1 minute

Antje Seeger

Between the Lines (2013)  3 minutes, 35 seconds

Miyuki Kasahara Rhône Nucléaire

Chasing the Dragon (2013) Digital Video & Calum F Kerr 8 minutes, 32 seconds

Simona Koch 

BORDERS/Europe (Grenzen) (2010) Animated pencil drawings | HD (2010) 1 minutes, 40 seconds

Grant Petrey

Dark Flow (2014) Animation 2 minutes 15 seconds

Vicky Smith 

Stacking (2006) 6 minutes, 40 seconds

Barnaby Dicker

The Grip of the Octopus (A Schematic Serial in Black and White) Parts 4 & 5. Narrator: Richard Mitchley. Music: Florian Schelzig

Part 2

Barnaby Dicker

The Grip of the Octopus (A Schematic Serial in Black and White)

Parts 5. Narrator: Richard Mitchley. Music: Florian Schelzig.

Joy Gregory
Gomera (2010)

Amanda Couch
A Great White Silence (2012) Black and White 8mm transfered to DVD 3 minutes, 42 seconds

Evy Jokhova 
Three Little Pigs (2013) digital film, 9 minutes, 30 seconds 

Simon Aeppli
In Case I Disappear (2008) 3 minutes

Vishal Shah 
epoh (2013) Animation, Sound: Adam Stansbie, 4 minutes, 4 seconds

Thomas Goddard 
Potential Endings: The Iceberg, 2 minutes, 8 seconds. The Flood, 53 seconds. The Comet, 27 seconds. The Flames, 1 minute, 5 seconds

Ellie Harrison
The Other Forecast (2013) 5 minutes, 28 seconds

Embassy of Foreign Artists - Geneva

Nice to be informed that my film, sound by Adam Stansbie was screened at the Embassy of Foreign Artists in Geneva.
Organised by Paul Clouvel at Elektramusic evening on the 2nd June.

More info -

Plus de 70 ans après les débuts de la musique concrète, les héritiers de Pierre Henry et Pierre Schaeffer continuent leur exploration du musical et du sonore, et se frottent aux autres propositions artistiques, dont l’art vidéo.

Le compositeur Paul Clouvel, actuellement en résidence à l’Embassy of Foreign Artists, propose pour le label Elektramusic Genève de découvrir les oeuvres de plusieurs compositeurs et créateurs vidéo, à travers des propositions qui montrent que l’image et le le son n’adhèrent pas entre eux, mais souvent s’éloignent, prennent une existence propre, pour mieux se retrouver et se nourrir l’un de l’autre. Sons électroniques, musique concrète, voix et images se mèlent, se choquent et se volent parfois la vedette, dans un constant souci d’expérimentation. Avec en particulier des oeuvres de Jérôme Thomas et Hubert Michel (France), Nicolas Bernier et Delphine Measroch (Canada), Adam Stansbie et Vishal Shah (Grande-Bretagne), Frédéric Kahn et Voctor Furiani (France), John Christopher Nelson et Dave Ryan (USA), et Jen-Kuang Chang (Corée).

SCREAM Festival 2011: Sounding Images

Few months ago I mentioned Pollen had been selected over 135 submissions worldwide :)
And now the time has come for the screening which will be held at the REDCAT - Roy And Edna Disney / Calarts Theater. Calart's Downtown Center For Innovative Visual, Performing And Media Arts.
This is just brilliant...

Programme Info:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

SCREAM Festival 2011: Sounding Images

Camet Notre
Video still from 'Camet Norte' (2009), by Elsa Justel.

Co-presented with the Southern California Resource for Electro-Acoustic Music and NewTown.
Electroacoustic music merges seamlessly with electronically generated or enhanced imagery in this screening of 11 international works—a program that attests to the ongoing maturation of an electronic “inter-arts” that transcends disciplines, genres and geographies. Whether created through collaborations between artists and technicians at major art centers, or by digitally savvy individual artmakers in faraway outposts, these composites of sound and image share in common aesthetic imagination and skillful technique.

Screening Includes:

Suspended Edges (2010), UK
 Monty Adkins, Music; Oliver Jones, Video

Sinus Aestum
(2009), UK 
Bret Battey, Music and Video

Apres Le Feu
(2010), France
 Arnaud Castagne, Music; Jacques Perconte, Video

Song Cycle for Haruki Murakami
(2007), USA
 Matthew Dotson, Music; Bart Woodstrup, Video

(2008), France
 Francis Dhomont, Music; Ines Wickman, Video

(2009) , USA Brian Evans, Music and Video

Camet Norte
(2009), Argentina
 Elsa Justel, Music and Video

White Noise
(2009), USA 
Dennis Miller, Music and Video

Bloomy Girls
(2007), Brazil 
Joao Pedro Oliveira, Music; Takagi Masakatsu, Video

Mutations of Matter
(2008), Chile / Colombia 
Roque Rivas, Music; Carlos Franklin, Video

(2009), UK
 Adam Stansbie, Music; Vishal Shah, Video

SCREAM Festival 2011 is a collaboration between NewTown and the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS).
Funded in part by a grant from The Los Angeles County Arts Commission.


Sounding Images - A SEAMUS / New Town Collaboration

The sound composer I work with Adam Stansbie sent me an email a few weeks ago as he usually does notifying me 'Pollen' music by Adam Stansbie and video by Vishal Shah has been selected for screening again :) at an electroacoustic event. Inspiration Information for me to do some more independent work. Some info below.

The digital era has matured into an art form transcending disciplines, genres and geography, as seen in videos from eight countries. Within its incredibly disparate genres and styles Sounding Images’ works hold in common seamless meshing of electro-acoustic music and electronically generated or enhanced imagery. From multi-national collaborations by artists at major international art centers to auteurs Mac-garreted in outlying cultural urbs and oases come eleven works of aesthetic and technical excellence, united only in their innovation and diversity. Beyond signifying the nascent adulthood of electronic inter-arts, Sounding Images’ works are an optimistic microcosm for international interconnectivity.

Funded in part by a grant from The Los Angeles County Arts Commission.


« Suspended Edges » (2010) UK, 
Monty Adkins, Music; Oliver Jones, Video

« Sinus Aestum » (2009) UK
, Bret Battey, Music & Video

« Apres Le Feu » (2010) France, 
Arnaud Castagne, Music; Jacques Perconte, Video

« Song Cycle for Haruki Murakami » (2007) USA,
 Matthew Dotson, Music; Bart Woodstrup, Video

« Sisyphe » (2008) France, 
Francis Dhomont, Music; Ines Wickman, Video

« Arlequi » (2009) USA,
 Brian Evans, Music & Video

« Camet Norte » (2009) Argentina, 
Elsa Justel, Music & Video

« White Noise » (2009) USA, 
Dennis Miller, Music & Video

« Bloomy Girls » (2007) Brazil,
 Joao Pedro Oliveira, Music; Takagi Masakatsu, Video

« Mutations of Matter » (2008) Chile / Colombia,
 Roque Rivas, Music; Carlos Franklin, Video

« Pollen » (2009) UK,
 Adam Stansbie, Music; Vishal Shah, Video

Visual Music with Dennis Miller

For those interested in Visual Music the film 'Seek Assistance' Dir. Vishal Shah, Sound. Adam Stansbie will be screened alongside other Visual Music films curated by Dennis Miller at The Knoll, Stanford University, USA. Details below about the screening.

An Evening of Visual Music with Dennis Miller

Date: Tue, 05.03.2011 - 8.00pm - 10.00pm
Location: CCRMA, The Knoll, Stanford University, USA
Event Type: Concert
Entry: Free

Dennis Miller, a visual music artist and scholar curates an evening of selections from Northeastern’s Visual Music Special Collection.

Come to see works by: Stephanie Maxwell, Vishal Shah / Adam Stansbie, Harvey Goldman / James Bohn, Jim Ellis / Aksak Maboul, Damir Cucic / Erich Maria Strom, Betsy Kopmar / The Headroom Project (Andreas Ecker), Bret Battey, Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman & Joseph Gerhardt), Brian Evans, Tina Frank / General Magic, Jean Detheux / Michael Oesterle, Bum Lee / Erik Satie, Karl Lemieux / Olivier Borzei, Gerhard Daurer, Eva M. Toth / Gyorgy Kurtag Sr., Gyorgy Kurtag Jr. and Dennis H. Miller.

More info visit -

Visual Music - Seek Assistance

'Recollection'- Artist Video Collaboration

Recollection, a single channel video collaboration between artists Renata Kudlacek and Vishal Shah.
The video installation was first screened as a video projection at Kulturzentrum, 'Die Fabrik', Frankfurt am Main, Germany, August, 2010. The video installation had a great response and we are now planning to distribute the video to film screenings and festivals around the world.

Artist Video Installation

Artist Video Installation

Director & Producer: Vishal Shah & Renata Kudlacek
Origination: Super 8mm
Duration: 1'00 Loop
Distribution Format: DVD PAL
Aspect Ratio: 4:3