Gustav Metzger, Facing Extinction - Artist Film Programme

epoh was screened at the Gustav Metzger, Facing Extinction artists film programme between 31st March, and 1st April 2014, and then in the gallery alongside the Metzger exhibition daily from Wednesday until the end of the exhibition on Saturday 5 April 2014. The film programme was curated by Amanda Couch, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art - Sculpture and Film at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, GB.

Part 1: Monday 31 March, 4pm, W02&  Part 2: Tuesday 1 April, 2.30pm, G14
Parts 1 & 2 Wednesday 2 April - Saturday 5 April, 2.15pm, James Hockey Gallery, UCA Farnham

Part 1

London Fieldworks

End of the Road (2012) 11 minutes, 27 seconds

Claire Barwell

Grand Union (2010) 1 minute

Antje Seeger

Between the Lines (2013)  3 minutes, 35 seconds

Miyuki Kasahara Rhône Nucléaire

Chasing the Dragon (2013) Digital Video & Calum F Kerr 8 minutes, 32 seconds

Simona Koch 

BORDERS/Europe (Grenzen) (2010) Animated pencil drawings | HD (2010) 1 minutes, 40 seconds

Grant Petrey

Dark Flow (2014) Animation 2 minutes 15 seconds

Vicky Smith 

Stacking (2006) 6 minutes, 40 seconds

Barnaby Dicker

The Grip of the Octopus (A Schematic Serial in Black and White) Parts 4 & 5. Narrator: Richard Mitchley. Music: Florian Schelzig

Part 2

Barnaby Dicker

The Grip of the Octopus (A Schematic Serial in Black and White)

Parts 5. Narrator: Richard Mitchley. Music: Florian Schelzig.

Joy Gregory
Gomera (2010)

Amanda Couch
A Great White Silence (2012) Black and White 8mm transfered to DVD 3 minutes, 42 seconds

Evy Jokhova 
Three Little Pigs (2013) digital film, 9 minutes, 30 seconds 

Simon Aeppli
In Case I Disappear (2008) 3 minutes

Vishal Shah 
epoh (2013) Animation, Sound: Adam Stansbie, 4 minutes, 4 seconds

Thomas Goddard 
Potential Endings: The Iceberg, 2 minutes, 8 seconds. The Flood, 53 seconds. The Comet, 27 seconds. The Flames, 1 minute, 5 seconds

Ellie Harrison
The Other Forecast (2013) 5 minutes, 28 seconds

Christian Marclay: The Clock

The Clock
Single Channel Video
Duration: 24hrs
Gallery: White Cube, Mason's Yard, London, UK, 2010

'The Clock' by artist Christian Marclay was probably my number one single channel video / cinema piece of work for 2010. 'The Clock' is truly brilliant, simple and thought provoking. However like most brilliant, simple and thought provoking work it consists of great depths of complexity.

The film if you can call it this, is constructed out of moments in cinema when time is expressed or when a character interacts with a clock, watch or just a particular part of the day. Marclay has excepted thousands of these fragments and edited them so that they flow in real time, While 'The Clock' examines how time, plot and duration are depicted in cinema, the video is also a working timepiece that is synchronised to the local time zone. At any moment, the viewer can look at the work and use it to tell the time. Yet the audience watching 'The Clock' experiences a vast range of narratives, settings and moods within the space of a few minutes, making time unravel in countless directions at once. Even while 'The Clock' tell the time, it ruptures any sense of chronological coherence.

'The Clock' plays with how audiences experience narrative in cinema, examining the conventions and devices through which filmmakers create a persuasive illusion of duration. When watching a film, an audience is removed from normal time and swept up in a new register that corresponds to the narrative at hand. 'The Clock' transforms this condition of cinema: time, in this case, corresponds precisely to the actual time beyond the work. The audience will have the peculiar awareness of experiencing a fictional event, or countless events, at what appears to be the same time as when they watch it in the gallery.

'Recollection'- Artist Video Collaboration

Recollection, a single channel video collaboration between artists Renata Kudlacek and Vishal Shah.
The video installation was first screened as a video projection at Kulturzentrum, 'Die Fabrik', Frankfurt am Main, Germany, August, 2010. The video installation had a great response and we are now planning to distribute the video to film screenings and festivals around the world.

Artist Video Installation

Artist Video Installation

Director & Producer: Vishal Shah & Renata Kudlacek
Origination: Super 8mm
Duration: 1'00 Loop
Distribution Format: DVD PAL
Aspect Ratio: 4:3