'Seek Assistance' Understanding Visual Music 2011

Better late than never.  Both Vishal Shah and Adam Stanbie were surprised to hear that 'Seek Assistance' was screened at Understanding VISUAL Music 2011, Hexagram-Concordia Centre for Research Creation in Media Arts and Technologies in collaboration with the Department of Music CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY, Montreal - Canada. August 26th & 27th, 2011. Some hard hitters on the screening line up check it out...



DAY TWO - Saturday (August 27th)
9:00 Papers - session  #3
1.      Mark Franz - Composition and Improvisation in Time-Based Visual Performance
2.      Adrian Freed - Diverse Roles  of Objets Trouvés in Live Solo Visual Music Practice
3.      Jaroslaw Kapuscinski - Oli's Dream: Music of Common Sensibles

11:00 Break

11:15 Jean Piché (keynote) - This is not Cinema. Notes for an Emerging Art Form

12:00 Lunch

13:30 VISUAL MUSIC show #3 @ DB Clarke Theatre (curated by Dennis Miller - VM Marathon)
* All selections are from the Northeastern University Libraries Visual Music Special Collection.
1.      Stephanie Maxwell, images Allan Schindler, music - Time Streams (2003)
2.      Vishal Shah, images Adam Stansbie, music - Seek Assistance (2005)
3.      Jim Ellis, images Aksak Maboul, music - Whisper (1997)
4.      Damir Cucic, images Erich Maria Strom, music - Memory of the Tape (2007)
5.      Rebecca Ruige Xu, images YanJun Hua, music - Rain (2005)
6.      Betsy Kopmar, images The Headroom Project (Andreas Ecker), music - Night Fishing with Comorants (2009)
7.      Bret Battey - Sinus Aestum (2009)
8.      Kasumi, images James Lauer, music - UGOKU (excerpt) (2007)
9.      Brian Evans - Pipilo (2007) 
10.  Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman & Joseph Gerhardt) - 200 Nanowebbers (2005)
11.  Bum Lee, images Erik Satie, music - Sports and Diversions (2005/6)
12.  Tina Frank, images General Magic, music - Chronomops (2005)
13.  Karen Aqua, images Ken Field, music - Sensorium ( 2007)
14.  Brian O’Reilly, images Curtis Roads, music - Nanomorphosis (2003)
15.  Gerhard Daurer, images/music - add.value 5 more (2006)
16.  Jean Detheux, images Jean Derome, music - Machinalement (v.31) (2010)
17.  Eva M. Toth, images Gyorgy Kurtag Sr. & Jr., music - Lajka’s Memory (2004)

Visual Music with Dennis Miller

For those interested in Visual Music the film 'Seek Assistance' Dir. Vishal Shah, Sound. Adam Stansbie will be screened alongside other Visual Music films curated by Dennis Miller at The Knoll, Stanford University, USA. Details below about the screening.

An Evening of Visual Music with Dennis Miller

Date: Tue, 05.03.2011 - 8.00pm - 10.00pm
Location: CCRMA, The Knoll, Stanford University, USA
Event Type: Concert
Entry: Free

Dennis Miller, a visual music artist and scholar curates an evening of selections from Northeastern’s Visual Music Special Collection.

Come to see works by: Stephanie Maxwell, Vishal Shah / Adam Stansbie, Harvey Goldman / James Bohn, Jim Ellis / Aksak Maboul, Damir Cucic / Erich Maria Strom, Betsy Kopmar / The Headroom Project (Andreas Ecker), Bret Battey, Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman & Joseph Gerhardt), Brian Evans, Tina Frank / General Magic, Jean Detheux / Michael Oesterle, Bum Lee / Erik Satie, Karl Lemieux / Olivier Borzei, Gerhard Daurer, Eva M. Toth / Gyorgy Kurtag Sr., Gyorgy Kurtag Jr. and Dennis H. Miller.

More info visit - ccrma.stanford.edu

Visual Music - Seek Assistance

Flex by Chris Cunningham

The film 'Flex' by Chris Cunningham is a fairly old work. However, for some reason last week 'Flex' came to mind. I distinctively remember seeing and experiencing the work as a single channel audio video installation at the Royal Academy of Arts back in 2000 in the group exhibition 'Apocalypse'. The film has a Poe and Kafkaesque resonance to this work by Chris Cunningham. Now that I look back I could say that my film 'Seek Assistance' Director, Vishal Shah & Sound, Adam Stansbie was an unconscious reference alongside Man Ray and Moholy-Nagy. Not bad names to reference a work on.