Anthony McCall at Serpentine Gallery

The cross disciplinary artist Anthony McCall was an inspiration when I visited his exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery in early 2008. His work is dynamic, calculated and magically futuroso. A few of my video works have been created using projections to print upon the surface of an object or a person where as he does this and much more. Anthony's work is installation, projection, print, film and performance. The artist creates the illusion of three dimensional shapes, ellipses, waves and cones which are very subtle but yet technically precise in shape and form. If you get a chance to see and experience his work I certainly do recommend. Note* He also worked within the book publishing industry for a while.

The Raveonettes, 'Black & White' by BL:ND

A music video for The Raveonettes, track called 'Black & White' produced by the team at BL:ND directed by Chris Do. I can't believe they produced and knocked this up in three weeks flat, with a neat concept, darkly romantic and gothic visual execution and style. I'm very impressed with the mix of styles where shadow puppetry meets digital animation, pen and ink, physical props and good old back projection techniques with defused lighting tricks. A very inspiring piece of work with a great audio track riding the visuals. This is the kind of project I would love to be part of with a creative talented crew.

'Recollection'- Artist Video Collaboration

Recollection, a single channel video collaboration between artists Renata Kudlacek and Vishal Shah.
The video installation was first screened as a video projection at Kulturzentrum, 'Die Fabrik', Frankfurt am Main, Germany, August, 2010. The video installation had a great response and we are now planning to distribute the video to film screenings and festivals around the world.

Artist Video Installation

Artist Video Installation

Director & Producer: Vishal Shah & Renata Kudlacek
Origination: Super 8mm
Duration: 1'00 Loop
Distribution Format: DVD PAL
Aspect Ratio: 4:3