A big thank you to Adam Stansbie, David Abrantes and Rob Rauchfuss.

Programme Notes
Director & Producer: Vishal Shah
Sound: Adam Stansbie
Animation Assistance: David Abrantes & Rob Rauchfuss
Duration: 4’14’’
Authorship: 2013
Origination: HD 1920 X 1080 Animation
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Websites: vishalshah.co.uk | adamstansbie.com

epoh rises in the city of Mumbai where, beyond the Gateway of India, we see a diamond-studded pink city guarded by two tigers. epoh moves on. Europe flashes past. Continents emerge and disappear. Finally epoh departs.

What is epoh carrying? A mysterious orb fills his basket... He looks to it and takes comfort, then continues on his journey, battling on, into the unknown. Finally, when he can go no further, epoh delivers his message...

In this short animation we are taken on an expedition - an adventure of discovery - into the unknown. Although we witness the trials of epoh, and his quest to deliver his message, we are encouraged to reflect our own journey and ultimately, the universality of hope...

Faux Images Berlin

My friend Tino Schwanemann invited me to 'Faux Images III' which is happening next Tuesday 18.10.2011 at the project space LEAP,  Karl-Liebknechtstrasse 13, Berlin. If your into motion, video and experimental goodness then come along it's free entry :)


Faux Images

I'm New Here.

'I'm New Here' as the recently departed prolific urban beat-poet Gil-Scott Heron poignantly titled one of his recent tracks on his new album. So Berlin is my new town and I'm new here now and I will be for some time. My sincere apologies for being slow on any Blog updates. I've been kind of busy over the past two months ish working for an advertising agency as an Art Director of the Motion department. I've done some crazy late night shifts - and I mean late night shift in terms of work :). Things around me are changing, I'm changing, facing new challenges especially over the past few days to say the least. However, I sense everything happening to me and around me is for the best.

360/60 Video Motor - Moving Image Research & Development

360/60 Video Motor represents the foundations of capturing video both as still image and moving image. Still in the development phase, this system and engineering shows great opportunity for further experimentation and lends itself well to both still image and full scale motion as moving image. I'm interested in people who would like to collaborate to get involved with ideas, a project, experimentation or just to take it for a quick spin.

Video Motor

Video Motor

Motor Tech Spec 

Rotation    1 x 360 = 60min

Height        32.5cm

Width         30cm

Depth         17cm

Weight including motor, 1x rechargeable 12v battery, mount, tripod head -  7.4kg

Additional items & weight

Motor                    7.4kg
Tripod                   2.6kg
SD/HD Camera   3.0 / 4.0kg
Battery Charger   1.0kg

Total                      15kg
Test Shoot

For general enquiries or if you would like to get involved contact me