Thank you to the following people who have worked and supported me on the animation check out their wor, i've included the inspiration for the character and story epoh by artist Odilon Redon, also the initial storyboard design and a few stills of the actual production at the bottom. Press release and film info due soon...

David Abrantes rogueimages.com

Rob Rauchfuss robrauchfuss.com

Dr. Adam Stansbie adamstansbie.com

Children's Book Design

I was recently commissioned by Tlön Books Publishing to art direct, design and typeset their new title 'Brenda's Bottom and her birds'. It was a joy working on this great project with the author Clare Stanhope and Tlön for many reasons. One reason being that i've never worked on an entire children's book before and working with lots of illustrated birds and placing them along the bendy River Thames in London was good fun. Includes 52 types of birds and many of London's famous buildings and bridges. I designed it whilst in Berlin, it was a trip down London memory lane :)

Look out for it, its going to be great to see it in print, smelling the ink on the page, published and in the bookshops and of course the official book launch in London. Can't wait!!!

Brenda's Bottom and her birds
ISBN: 987 0 954 14686 3
Author: Clare Stanhope
Publisher: Tlön Books Publishing ltd

28 pages

Take a sneak peak at the front cover design and sampling of the book inside.

Brenda's Bottom

Book Design
Children's Book Design
Brenda's Bottom and her birds

London to Berlin Road Trip

After a mammoth fun filled 16 hour road trip driving from London to Berlin with a friend as the driver, me the co-pilot and Miska my cat who is now a EU 'Catizen' holding a passport to prove it. We are finally here, cosy and settled in Berlin. Here's a rough snippet of the route:

From Hackney - London > Folkestone > (Euro Tunnel) > Calais > Dunkirk > Bruges > Antwerp > Eindhoven > Munster > Hanover > Brunswick > Magdeburg to Schöenhauser Allee - Berlin.

Got to do it again.

Audi Le Mans - Spot

A beautiful ad for Audi from BBH London stars Audi Le Mans team leader Allan McNish and gives
a real insight into the physical endurance required to be a Le Mans driver... Directed by Chris Hemming at Passion Pictures, the ad is two-and-a-half minutes in length and incorporates a mixture of live action, hand-drawn sketches and stereoscopic techniques.

Ad agency: BBH London
ECD: Nick Gill
Senior creative directors: Nick Kidney, Kevin Stark
Production company: Passion Pictures
Director: Chris Hemming

Work in Progress - Studio Clear Out

This is what men at work look like in my old studio in London in end of July 2011. Not sure what to make of it but we did do well clearing out old junk, having a new layout and desk swapping. It's all brand new second hand!

Men at Work
Studio Clear Out

Re-Visiting Ideas

Today I promised myself to revisit to some ideas i've been toying and experimenting with that never really surfaced due to time constraints and work commitments. And YES you guessed it folks watch this Blog for some new upcoming moving image works. Fresh, not been done before experimental artistic work coming very soon. Original work as always, never biting styles or following a fashion.