Solid Light

In 2007/8 I visited the Serpentine Gallery in London to see the art installation works of Anthony McCall. It was a solo exhibition that left an impression so vivid that even some 10 years later I’m still inspired and thinking of how beautifully minimal a piece of art can be leaving a long lasting impression even a decade later. Pics here are


Do You Have A Second?

*Idea - Display every second of 24hrs actual time all together continuously for 24hrs. In order to show every second of the 24hr clock in one given space and make it viewable at any time in real time be it physical or digital space.

Slightly confused? Don't be, i can just imagine it and see it :) If it were built with actual cogs or watches it would be huge! If it were in a digital space i'm not sure if there's a screen big enough to display it. 

Anthony McCall at Serpentine Gallery

The cross disciplinary artist Anthony McCall was an inspiration when I visited his exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery in early 2008. His work is dynamic, calculated and magically futuroso. A few of my video works have been created using projections to print upon the surface of an object or a person where as he does this and much more. Anthony's work is installation, projection, print, film and performance. The artist creates the illusion of three dimensional shapes, ellipses, waves and cones which are very subtle but yet technically precise in shape and form. If you get a chance to see and experience his work I certainly do recommend. Note* He also worked within the book publishing industry for a while.