Berlinale 2012 - London, Berlin, Milan

A work colleague and good friend Michele Castellucci from Milan with whom I worked with in London at an online media agency flew into Berlin for the Berlinale 2012. Michele Castellucci and Joseph Fortebraccio one an Award for Best DOP at the Talent Campus competition for a music video they submitted. London connections coming into Berlin from Milan, it was really good seeing them. Yesterday we went to the premiere screenings of the film shorts at the Berlinale, films of note were Rafa, The Man that Got Away and La Santa. As usual afterwards we then went on to talking, discussing creative ideas into the night...

I Am Cuba

I Am Cuba Film Trailer - (1964) Soy Cuba is the original title. Arguably one the best films ever made. Directed by Mikhail Kalatozov, the film looks at the political oppression and the deviation of power and wealth. Every shot is amazing and superb, it's a directors guide to everything film, from how to shoot, camera tracking the true skill and art form of handheld camera work and much more. The film continues to influence established directors such as Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola and anybody else that's into film.

Studio Video Shoot

Saturday 28th May 2011 was the official video shoot, we spent late friday evening rigging, last minute testing and making sure everything was in fine order. We had a good turn out of participants / subjects.
I'm now going post with the footage and begin the whole production process, oh and rumor has it that once the edit is nailed the colour grading will be done at The Mill, London.

Production Team

Director & Art Director - Vishal Shah
DOP & Camera - Lewin St Cyr
Studio Camera - Renata Kudlacek


Ray Domingo
Kanti De Biswas

Anthea Hamilton
Nienke Van Wijk
Paulina Vassileva
Ksenia Maximova
María Alché
Steve Baker
Conrad Edwards

Green Screen Studio Shoot

Last week in a studio in West London we did some experimental HD (1920 x 1080) green screen test videos. We got some really nice time based compositions using mobile phones and mobile hand / gesture interaction footage to play with. This is very inspiring and will definitely lead to more experimentation, tests and work using both blue and green screen. Watch this blog for more info....

Green Screen Shoot
Green Screen