Vellum - Work in Progress - Still Image

I have been busy with work, lots going on which always good. Been working on a slow independent visual music project which actually was conceived in London and has been a work in progress even here in Berlin. Vellum - is the title. Vellum as in the real hide not the synthetic stuff. My biggest project to date, consisting of 14+ people. Recently i've collaborated with a work colleague and friend Peter Kienetz. 

Vellum - Work in Progress still

UI Designer & Motion Graphic Collaboration on Interface Interaction Simulation Video

I'm looking to work on and collaborate with UI / UX Designers on a range digital device platforms from mobile devices, iPhone's, IPad's, tablets to websites and touch screen technologies. This is an ideal opportunity for any UI designers out there who have a concept or work in progress development and would like to collaborate with a motion graphics and moving image designer on a prototype / simulation video showcasing the visualisation of the interface interaction with concept and simplicity of the interaction.

This is not a job offer and there is no job vacancy but rather think of it as a scope for a project collaboration. If you would like to have a quick chat in person or video conference then get in touch. *Note i'm based in London. This is an ideal opportunity to collaborate and share skill sets. Sound interesting? Contact me.

'Recollection'- Artist Video Collaboration

Recollection, a single channel video collaboration between artists Renata Kudlacek and Vishal Shah.
The video installation was first screened as a video projection at Kulturzentrum, 'Die Fabrik', Frankfurt am Main, Germany, August, 2010. The video installation had a great response and we are now planning to distribute the video to film screenings and festivals around the world.

Artist Video Installation

Artist Video Installation

Director & Producer: Vishal Shah & Renata Kudlacek
Origination: Super 8mm
Duration: 1'00 Loop
Distribution Format: DVD PAL
Aspect Ratio: 4:3

360/60 Video Motor - Moving Image Research & Development

360/60 Video Motor represents the foundations of capturing video both as still image and moving image. Still in the development phase, this system and engineering shows great opportunity for further experimentation and lends itself well to both still image and full scale motion as moving image. I'm interested in people who would like to collaborate to get involved with ideas, a project, experimentation or just to take it for a quick spin.

Video Motor

Video Motor

Motor Tech Spec 

Rotation    1 x 360 = 60min

Height        32.5cm

Width         30cm

Depth         17cm

Weight including motor, 1x rechargeable 12v battery, mount, tripod head -  7.4kg

Additional items & weight

Motor                    7.4kg
Tripod                   2.6kg
SD/HD Camera   3.0 / 4.0kg
Battery Charger   1.0kg

Total                      15kg
Test Shoot

For general enquiries or if you would like to get involved contact me