Ciclope Festival 2017

For the past three years running i've been attending the Ciclope Festival at Kino International in Berlin - It's dedicated to craft of moving image. Here's short selection of works by agencies and directors that caught my attention from this years line up.


BBH London commissioned ManvsMachine to direct this 60 second TVC for the all new Audi R8. 

Tony Ward directed by Baz Luhrmann for H&M x Erdem Campaign

This Heineken film was created by Wieden+Kennedy, directed by Tom Kuntz (MJZ), and shot by Tim Maurice Jones. Post by The Mill and music by Noriel Vilela. 

This below-the-waist dance number with Uniqlo was created to celebrate wintertime and their new line of Dan Pan Warm-Lined Pants. 
Director: Greg Brunkalla
Cinematographer: Rina Yang
Creative Director + Copywriter: Morihiro Harano
Media Agency: Dentsu Inc.
Production Company: Stink Studios London, Deltro Tokyo

Shameless Self-Promotion

Quick update - I've recently started a full-time role as Art Director at D.C Media Networks GmbH. It's brilliant, have lovely people and team to work with. Loving my role and the location in Mitte, Berlin.

There's been a recent set of press updates from DCMN and this is one of them. Check it out! It's in German though.

Séverine Thomazo (re.), Vishal Shah
Photograph by Hainsley Brown, friend & colleague from the Royal College of Art, London & Berlin



Thank you to the following people who have worked and supported me on the animation check out their wor, i've included the inspiration for the character and story epoh by artist Odilon Redon, also the initial storyboard design and a few stills of the actual production at the bottom. Press release and film info due soon...

David Abrantes

Rob Rauchfuss

Dr. Adam Stansbie

Moving to a new Studio in Berlin

Some latest info about me and my movements...
I'm leaving this studio where i'm located on Kottbusser Damm here in Berlin this Thursday - time for change again. I've found myself a new location which is going to work better for me in a much more central location, it's on Rosenthaler Strasse but the Hackesher Markt end.  And i'm ambitious to round up a few independent projects there before the year has ended. Exciting times ahead!

Life Drawing - Core Skills

'Every chef needs to sharpen his knife' - what do I mean by this? Well i'm an artist, motion guy whatever you or I call myself as the fact remains some things are just a matter of fact and this is one of them; I use to love drawing and still do, especially life drawing and knowing lately my digital life struggles to make a profound or any relationship to pen and paper, its about that time i polish up and sharpen my tools...  I've been going for a few weeks now and no looking back now, really enjoying it. I certainly recommended it to all.


Was nice to pass by #teatimeBLN this evening especially from a non dev but creative perspective. 
Big turnout and constant stream of questions rolling out from the floor to the panel. Twitter  have some interesting developments going down for the short and long term. Top to see this here in Berlin whilst feeling the excitement. Will be going to more of these events for sure, some serious dev's around in Berlin. Twitter could be building an office in Germany.

Berlin Dev Teatime

Twitter and SoundCloud
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Zbigniew Rybczynski

Yesterday I went to see the show Der Stand der Bilder an exhibition of works by Zbigniew Rybczynski and Gábor Bódy both specialising as media pioneer artists. The exhibition was held at the Akademie Der Künste, Berlin-Tiergarten. Beyond any doubt the work on show of Zbigniew Rybczynski  was thought provoking, memorable and inspiring for new media artists. Two works in particular struck a chord and both were videos; Tango and Imagine the latter being the famous music video for John Lennon's song Imagine released in 1986. The choreography and timing of Tango is pure cleverness with a touch of genius. In Tango no one person or subjects ever crosses the path of the other even when the room is rapidly populating. I now see how Zbigniew and his work is influential to the likes of contemporary directors namely Michel Gondry.

Zbigniew Rybczynski Imagine

Video still from 'Imagine' Dir. Zbigniew Rybczynski, 1986

Zbigniew Rybczynski Tango

Video still from 'Tango' Dir. Zbigniew Rybczynski, Winner of Oscar Award for Best Animated Short, 1983

'Visual simplicity of an idea or concept stems

from a complex and chartered understanding

of subject and self.'


ishal Shah, 2011.