epoh - Animation Short 1st review

I'm delighted to share with you all the first review of the animation short epoh which came out in November 2013. Here's the review in short for the SoundImageSound 10 International Festival 2014...

'...To wrap up this event, a piece called “Epoh” was played. Created by Adam Stansbie and Vishal Shah, this piece looked most similar to a Pixar-style short. A hot-air balloon that also seems to be an eye carries a seed high into space and drifts along to sound effects.

“Epoh” is not currently recognized as an English word, but urbandictionary.com defines it as, “A false meaning for hope; when you wish for something, then it doesn’t come true.”

Perhaps this gives insight to the anthropomorphized eye’s desires, which came to an end when it appears to explode into a supernova. The fantastic video is available in full on Vimeo.'

Full festival review here - www.thepacificanonline.com

Photo by Caitlin Proctor


A big thank you to Adam Stansbie, David Abrantes and Rob Rauchfuss.

Programme Notes
Director & Producer: Vishal Shah
Sound: Adam Stansbie
Animation Assistance: David Abrantes & Rob Rauchfuss
Duration: 4’14’’
Authorship: 2013
Origination: HD 1920 X 1080 Animation
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Websites: vishalshah.co.uk | adamstansbie.com

epoh rises in the city of Mumbai where, beyond the Gateway of India, we see a diamond-studded pink city guarded by two tigers. epoh moves on. Europe flashes past. Continents emerge and disappear. Finally epoh departs.

What is epoh carrying? A mysterious orb fills his basket... He looks to it and takes comfort, then continues on his journey, battling on, into the unknown. Finally, when he can go no further, epoh delivers his message...

In this short animation we are taken on an expedition - an adventure of discovery - into the unknown. Although we witness the trials of epoh, and his quest to deliver his message, we are encouraged to reflect our own journey and ultimately, the universality of hope...



Thank you to the following people who have worked and supported me on the animation check out their wor, i've included the inspiration for the character and story epoh by artist Odilon Redon, also the initial storyboard design and a few stills of the actual production at the bottom. Press release and film info due soon...

David Abrantes rogueimages.com

Rob Rauchfuss robrauchfuss.com

Dr. Adam Stansbie adamstansbie.com

epoh - Animated Short

It's been ages since i've done my own work - It's been way too long guys. I'm working on a animation short it's about 2 minutes in duration and its called 'epoh'. I don't want to give away to much right now but here's a little teaser image of epoh. More details and video coming soon. Hang tight!