Paid Content by David Stewart

British fine art photographer David Stewart’s new work uses the advertising agency as his subject and theme put a massive smile on my face. Clever, satirical, witty and think of Mad Men bought right up to date 2018. I myself working in an advertising agency and having trained as a fine artist find David’s new body of work ‘Paid Content’ definitely striking a chord.


Audi Le Mans - Spot

A beautiful ad for Audi from BBH London stars Audi Le Mans team leader Allan McNish and gives
a real insight into the physical endurance required to be a Le Mans driver... Directed by Chris Hemming at Passion Pictures, the ad is two-and-a-half minutes in length and incorporates a mixture of live action, hand-drawn sketches and stereoscopic techniques.

Ad agency: BBH London
ECD: Nick Gill
Senior creative directors: Nick Kidney, Kevin Stark
Production company: Passion Pictures
Director: Chris Hemming

I'm New Here.

'I'm New Here' as the recently departed prolific urban beat-poet Gil-Scott Heron poignantly titled one of his recent tracks on his new album. So Berlin is my new town and I'm new here now and I will be for some time. My sincere apologies for being slow on any Blog updates. I've been kind of busy over the past two months ish working for an advertising agency as an Art Director of the Motion department. I've done some crazy late night shifts - and I mean late night shift in terms of work :). Things around me are changing, I'm changing, facing new challenges especially over the past few days to say the least. However, I sense everything happening to me and around me is for the best.