Exchange Berlin - Sluice

EXCHANGE BERLIN is an international exposition underpinned by ideas around transnational localism. Approximately 20 galleries will have their artists showing works. I’m one of them. Come along! Sluice Exchange is a peripatetic biennial expo which this November brings approximately 20 visiting galleries and projects to Berlin. Sluice, in partnership with Das Institut für Alles Mögliche – both non-profit arts orgs with a focus on supporting the artist & curator-led sector – will stage a three day event for galleries and projects that share similar foundational ideologies of independence and artistic engagement.

Each participating Berlin-based and international gallery will combine to present a weekend of exhibitions, performances, talks & screenings. Whilst the UK is in the throes of disengagement from the EU – 2018 is an opportune time for a joint UK/EU initiative to deliver an internationally focused event.

The expo ambitiously represents the independent art world by examining how global political developments impact on artists at a local level. The Sluice expo looks past current nationalistic trends to interrogate possible futures. One of the questions Sluice asks is how can we advance emergent discourse via increased interaction on a local, national and international level? 

‘Vellum’ a moving sound sculpture will be screened as part of Sluice Exchange Berlin with Berlin Blue Art gallery.

From: 16|11|2018 – 18|11|2018

Location: Kühlhaus-Berlin
Gallery representation: