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I was recently commissioned by Tlön Books Publishing to art direct, design and typeset their new title 'Brenda's Bottom and her birds'. It was a joy working on this great project with the author Clare Stanhope and Tlön for many reasons. One reason being that i've never worked on an entire children's book before and working with lots of illustrated birds and placing them along the bendy River Thames in London was good fun. Includes 52 types of birds and many of London's famous buildings and bridges. I designed it whilst in Berlin, it was a trip down London memory lane :)

Look out for it, its going to be great to see it in print, smelling the ink on the page, published and in the bookshops and of course the official book launch in London. Can't wait!!!

Brenda's Bottom and her birds
ISBN: 987 0 954 14686 3
Author: Clare Stanhope
Publisher: Tlön Books Publishing ltd

28 pages

Take a sneak peak at the front cover design and sampling of the book inside.

Brenda's Bottom

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Children's Book Design
Brenda's Bottom and her birds