Visual Music with Dennis Miller

For those interested in Visual Music the film 'Seek Assistance' Dir. Vishal Shah, Sound. Adam Stansbie will be screened alongside other Visual Music films curated by Dennis Miller at The Knoll, Stanford University, USA. Details below about the screening.

An Evening of Visual Music with Dennis Miller

Date: Tue, 05.03.2011 - 8.00pm - 10.00pm
Location: CCRMA, The Knoll, Stanford University, USA
Event Type: Concert
Entry: Free

Dennis Miller, a visual music artist and scholar curates an evening of selections from Northeastern’s Visual Music Special Collection.

Come to see works by: Stephanie Maxwell, Vishal Shah / Adam Stansbie, Harvey Goldman / James Bohn, Jim Ellis / Aksak Maboul, Damir Cucic / Erich Maria Strom, Betsy Kopmar / The Headroom Project (Andreas Ecker), Bret Battey, Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman & Joseph Gerhardt), Brian Evans, Tina Frank / General Magic, Jean Detheux / Michael Oesterle, Bum Lee / Erik Satie, Karl Lemieux / Olivier Borzei, Gerhard Daurer, Eva M. Toth / Gyorgy Kurtag Sr., Gyorgy Kurtag Jr. and Dennis H. Miller.

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Visual Music - Seek Assistance